7 Book Writing Mistakes that Short Circuit the Completion of Your Book


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Did your book writing come to a halt somewhere along the way? No worries. Like many of us, you may be making some simple mistakes that block your book’s progress and completion. Correct the following mistakes; complete your book and prosper:

Mistake 1: Failure to plan your book realistically.

Inexperienced book writers aim too high. Don’t try to fit everything you know or researched into a one big book. Plan too big and you may end up with a monster book that turns your potential readers off. Remember many people in the new millennium are busy and impatient. They look for short, quick easy reads.

Solution: Plan a short book first. If you have loads of interesting information, consider breaking your book into parts. Even a series of books is better than one large volume in the non-fiction genre.

Mistake 2: Failure to write your book’s vision.

Newbie book writers lose focus and determination because their vision is not clear. When it’s not written down distractions easily creep into pull you away your goal of a completed book. You may quickly forget why you are even writing a book.

Solution: Write your book’s vision statement. Write it down and make it plain. Write when you’ll complete it. Name specific outcomes you get after completing your book. For instance, envision yourself watching your bank balance grow from book sales. Write, “I see myself with increased income and more clients.” Anyway you get the idea; create your vision statement including see, hear and feel.

Mistake 3: Failure to envision what your completed book will do for you.

This mistake is similar to writing your book’s vision but different because it focuses on the rewards. Many novice book writers fail to dream about the rewards of a completed book. Is your goal to become an expert and gain visibility in your field? Do you want to launch a new career or go to the next level in your current career?

Solution: Fuel the flame of your book dream again. This time dream a bigger dream. Dream after writing your book, you receive life long income that grows each month. You become a highly visible expert in your field.

You gain added respect of your colleagues and peers because of your book. You receive increased income leveraged from higher fees charged. Your clients gladly pay them with book author as one of your titles.

Mistake 3: Failure to conquer procrastination.

The way to conquer procrastination is to act. No, you don’t have to sell your soul anymore to write a saleable book. Use the cumulative effect of doing a little bit at a time. Even so, unless you want it to take years to write, you must schedule a considerable writing time each week. For example, you could write 2 pages a day and have a short book in weeks. Or you could write 10-15 hours a week to complete your book.

Solution: Do it now! Now is better than later. Remember you become a successful author the minute you start moving toward your worthwhile book goal. I don’t know anyone that regrets they wrote a book. But I know plenty of people that regret they didn’t do it sooner.

Mistake 4: Failure to count your book as significant.

Tons of book writers stall at this one. They don’t realize the significance of their work. Too easily they think who cares anyway. Why should I add one more book to the 100s of thousands of book already in the world?

Solution: Realize your message is significant and deserves your attention, love and time. Consider what your readers need and want. If your book shares something unique, encouraging, useful, entertaining, it is important enough to be written.

Think about your gift? God gave you your gift to share with others. Our gift back to God is what we do with it. The loving care you put into your gift (book) the more rewards await you.

Mistake 5 Failure to keep writing in the midst of everyday life.

Many writers believe you have to get away from everything to write a successful book. No you don’t. I know several novelist and non-fiction book writers who had to write during a long commute to get their best book written and out to the world. They accomplished it because they systematically worked on their book until it was done.

Solution: Avoid marathon writing. In the midst of your busy life, designate your time to write (work on your book) with a goal to completion.

Mistake 6 Failure to keep going after life interrupts.

It is a common challenge to find your place after being interrupted by family, work and daily life. After all that’s why many think you must get away to get it done effectively. Yet, there’s hope for those who can’t get away or choose not to. Successful writers all over the world use the tracking approach. They succeed because they commit to doing a little each day.

Solution: Set yourself up for success; use the tracking approach. The most popular method to use for tracking is time. Time is the method where you commit to a writing a certain amount of time each day. With the cumulative factor involved your commitment doesn’t have to be that much.

For example, to accomplish my book writing goals I commit to writing one hour a day in a.m. (my most productive time.) With this method don’t be overly concerned about how much you write, just keep the time commitment.

Mistake 7 Failure to find writing rhythm.

You don’t have to write each chapter one after the other. If you get stuck on chapter two, you could be stuck a very long time. This type of thinking comes from grade school where we are ritually taught to do everything in order.

If you have been thinking that way stop right now, no need to raise your hand. You have my permission to work on whatever chapter moves you or you feel passion bubbling for at the moment. Feeling stuck on a chapter, try another. There you have it now go with the flow.

Solution: Don’t become chained to writing in order. Jump around and fill in the blanks. Review your chapters and whatever subject or topic you most drawn to, begin there.

You may not be making all of these mistakes. Yet one or two will stop the successful completion of your book. Your audience is waiting. Implement the above solutions, get your book finished, release it to the world and prosper.

Earma Brown, 12 year author and business owner helps small business owners and writers who want to write their best book now! Earma mentors other writers and business professionals through her monthly ezine “iScribe.” Send any email to iscribe@bookwritinghelp.com for free mini-course “Jumpstart Writing Your Book” or visit her at http://www.bookwritinghelp.com

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10 Book Writing Mistakes That Stop Your Dream In Its Tracks


Some of my books in my library
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I’ve collected a bunch of graphic design & technical books throughout the years. The ones that have good, timeless nuggets of info stay on my bookshelf.

How many books do you have in your library?

Did you start writing your book and quit? Yes, I know you’re not a quitter. Like many of us, you may be making some simple mistakes that block your book’s progress and success. Correct the following mistakes; complete your book and prosper:

Mistake 1 Failure to start small

Inexperienced book writers aim too high. Don’t try to fit everything you know or researched into a one big book. Plan too big and you may end up with a monster book that turns your potential readers off. Remember many people in the new millennium are busy and impatient. They look for short, quick easy reads.

Solution: Plan a short book first. If you have loads of interesting information, consider breaking your book into parts. Even a series of books is better than one large volume in the non-fiction genre.

Mistake 2 Failure to educate oneself about book writing

Many novice book writers fail to educate themselves about book writing. If you’ve never traveled this road before, enroll in a book writing course. If you have little time, sign up for an email course to jumpstart your writing. Invest in your book project by hiring a professional editor to edit your work.

Solution: Invest time to learn about book writing. A client of mine said, “I want to invest in my work but I have no budget to start with.” No worries; more book writers than you know have started with a low to no-string budget. Enroll in free book writing courses. Invest time in learning to self-edit your work until you can afford to hire a professional.

Mistake 3 Failure to target your audience

If you fail to pinpoint who you are writing for, your chapters will lack focus. Your copy will fail to connect with readers. If you do manage to hook your readers, most won’t make it to the end of your book. Beginning writers who make this mistake bore their readers with flat, lack luster writing.

Solution: Target your book audience. Create a profile of your reader. Write down their complaints, their needs and/or problems that your book solves. Write your book to that person. You will have tight focused copy that compels your reader to keep reading to the end.

Mistake 4: Failure to develop a sizzling title and back cover first

Most newbie book writers stall at this one. They don’t realize a hot title helps the author stay motivated. Writing the back cover first helps crystallize your book’s message. With a clear message in front, you can write compelling copy that draws your readers to keep reading.

Solution: Develop a hot title and back cover first to write tight focused copy that sells. A hot title includes the top benefit of the book. It is usually short, clear and/or tells a story.

Mistake 5 Failure to keep writing in the midst of everyday life

Many writers believe you have to get away from everything to write a successful book. No you don’t. I know several novelist and non-fiction book writers who had to write during a long commute to get their best book written and out to the world. They accomplished it because they systematically worked on their book until it was done.

Solution: Avoid marathon writing. In the midst of your busy life, designate your time to write (work on your book) with a goal to completion.

You may not be making all of these mistakes. Yet one or two will stop your book dream in its tracks. Your audience is waiting. Implement the above solutions, get your book written, release it to the world and prosper.

Earma Brown, 11 year author and business owner
helps small business owners and writers who want to write their best book now! Earma mentors other writers and business professionals through her bi-monthly ezine “iScribe.” Send any email to

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Before you buy a log splitter, it is important to research well to find the right machine. There are three main types of hydraulic log splitters in the market. The machines may be electrically powered, manually operated or gas powered. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of the log splitter you want to buy. Below is a rundown of the features of the main log splitters available in the market.

Manual Log Splitters
In a nutshell, a manually operated log splitter consists of a hydraulic jack laid on its side. When the jack is pumped, a rod rams a log on the splitting wedge. This log splitting method is effective but slow. You can easily carry out the log splitting on your own. Moreover, the machine is quiet and safe to use.

You do not need electricity or gas to operate a manual log splitter. Manual log splitters are the most environmental friendly machines you will find. It is easy to store the machines since they are compact. If you are using a manual log splitters at home, you will realize they typically burn less firewood in a whole year. Manual log splitters are the cheapest splitters in the market. You can split about 20 logs of 8″ diameter in an hour with the machines.
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Electric Log Splitters
You will love the productivity of electric log splitters if you are used to burning about 2 to 10 cords of wood every year. This machine is compact, relatively light, and easy to use. You will need to have access to the standard home current to use an electric wood splitter. You cannot use the machine when you are in an area that does not have electricity. If there is no electricity, the other option you have of powering the machine is using a generator.
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Electrical log splitters are quite and generally safe for use. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly since they don’t burn gasoline nor produce any toxic fumes. You can use the log splitters indoors.

There are a number of factors that determine the performance of electric log splitters. Some of these include the tonnage of the machine, the hardness of the log and the diameter or the wood. Generally, an electric log splitter can process about 50 logs of 12″ in diameter per hour.

Hydraulic Gas-Powered Log Splitters
Hydraulic gas-powered log splitters are best used for commercial and remote applications. These splitters are generally larger and heavier. The splitters therefore need more storage space. You can process larger diameter logs quickly with these splitters. However, the engines of these splitters are bigger than both of electrical and manual log splitters. Hydraulic gas splitters cannot be used indoors because they produce toxic fumes.

The above are the three main types of log splitters you will find in the market.

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Exploring the college environment is an enthralling experience; however, it requires a great deal of preparation. Young people who are packing their bags for the first time probably have a great deal of their mind. They are thinking about the friends whom they’ll make and the experiences they’ll have; they are also considering what they will do in their free time. Opting for a VIDGO is a great way for college students to start their experience off in the right way.

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A Convenient Way to Give Flowers

There is no better and sweetest thing to give to your love ones to show them how much they mean to you is to give them flowers. Because of our hectic schedules, it is not anymore common for us to go and spend hours to drive just to buy flowers, and there are now better solutions to answer this need. With the advent of the internet, florists are making use of it to extend and modernize their services by enlisting online.

So if you need to give flowers soon to a love one, online stores are the best option for your flower delivery service. With the use of online shopping, your flowers can be delivered to anywhere your love one is located, whether locally or internationally, with just a few clicks on your computer. The advantage of online shopping worldwide is that it gives you a wide variety of choices from the comfort of your office or home.

If you choose a good online florist service, there are some advantages.
4 Lessons Learned: Florists

First is you do not have to spend time in going from one florist to the next just to canvass the best flowers for an event. All you have to do is look at the various florists’ websites and you can choose at not length of time the flowers you like and buy it without hassle.
Smart Ideas: Services Revisited

Several flower delivery services online show a wide range of flowers and flower arrangements to choose from. Online florists sell various kinds of flower arrangements for different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, for condolences, etc. with competitive and affordable prices.

Because you can easily view and canvass online, florists are competing to give customers their best prices, and thus shopping through this method benefits customers with more information and savings.

Another advantage of online shopping is the easy payment options that flower delivery service offers. These florists accept credit cards or conduct internet banking transactions through their websites.

Delivering direct to the homes of your love ones is another benefit of online stores that these florists offer. These online florists would let you choose delivery schedules at your whims and convenient.

There are people who are not yet used to online shopping, and so they are sometimes hesitant to buy on the basis that they are not sure if their order is delivered as requested at the right time and quality of flowers they had chosen.

Some customers would find it a concern with online companies who require payment before processing an order. If you are someone who is not convince in giving our your credit card information, and this is what online companies would be requesting, then you might not like this method.

The Essential Laws of Flowers Explained

How To Find Reliable Online Flower Delivery Service?

It can probably make anyone’s day to receive flowers from loved ones. That is also the reason why people in all parts of the world are sending flowers on different occasions. Today, the internet made flower deliveries become easier than it is. In just a few clicks, one can order beautiful flowers and have it sent to their loved ones who are hundreds to thousands of miles away. On the other hand, there are lots of providers of such services that are operating over the web and thus, choosing one can be quite a difficulty to some people. Better consider the points below in an effort to find reliable flower shops online.

Number 1. Flower delivery service online must have wide network of certified florists at different locations – these businesses fill orders through the florists right in their network. As a quick example of this is, if someone in Mexico has ordered a flower to be delivered in the US, then the company is going to contact their network partners based in the US and request them to prepare flowers that’ll be delivered to the address given. As a result, the bigger the network of the florists has, the wider their reach is going to be. Only deal with reliable and reputable providers as they have extensive network which even spans across the world.

Number 2. Offering extensive varieties of flowers for customers to choose from – flowers from different parts of the globe are can be ordered online right at their website. Different floral arrangements and flowers as well are available to fit different budgets. What’s more, they also offer different floral arrangements for different occasions. Aside from that, well known services make it possible for their customers to send candies, teddy bears and several other gifts that come with the flower.
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Number 3. Focused on customer satisfaction – when a flower shop either offline or online is dedicated to make their customer satisfied with their service, it guarantees timely and fast deliveries of the orders. In case that their customer is dissatisfied, some service providers even offer replacement of flowers and money back guarantee. Even more, they have customer service representatives who are available all the time and can be contacted through instant messaging apps or phone in case that you have queries or problems.
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Online flower delivery service that is known to be reliable normally has good standing and reputation among people. A customer is more likely to find good comments and customer reviews of the service provider. Also, they are highly recommended by previous clients.

What I Can Teach You About Services

Advantages Of Fresh Flower Delivery Services

If you are searching safe and reliable ways to send gifts, this article will teach a way. To place some solutions on this need, one solution is making fresh flower delivery services in places like Paradise Valley AZ for your loved ones. You send out a beautiful bouquet of flowers as gifts to your loved ones. In the market are several flower delivery services in places like Paradise Valley AZ available for you, and they are very easy to tackle.

These fresh flower deliveries provide a very thoughtful gesture since flower professionals are now having techniques to keep them stronger and longer lasting as much as possible. Florists engage in a special field known as floriculture, a field under horticulture that is dedicated to growing flowers in gardens and be used in interior decors and gift giving, and these flowers are made sure to be fresh, beautiful and long lasting for the people looking for them.

There are large flower greenhouses and crops of flowers that play a huge role in fresh flower deliveries, making several flowers need annually to respond to order requirements.
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What You Should Know About Flowers This Year

There are several companies that can commit to delivering these flowers in the fastest way that they can, sometimes less than one day, to ensure that they have fresh flower deliveries. For those who want these fresh flower deliveries as gifts, they can expect the companies to package the flowers in such as great way and arrange them according to the needs of the customers. Customers should also remember that these companies strive hard to keep flowers fresh for the customers, so they inform them about bringing flowers to the customers in the best quality and the best times possible, as they follow standards in fresh flower deliveries.

Florists Make Sure Details About Placed

There are companies that emphasize the need to keep orders in check such as putting in the right details into the order to make sure the fresh flower deliveries will have no problems. The companies and the clients make sure that correct details are placed on each of the orders to make sure there will be no issues with the fresh flower deliveries. When making and placing orders, it is necessary to make sure that the details on the recipient name, address and time of delivery are correct, making sure every spelling is right. It is recommended to do their best to prevent wrong information when it comes to these fresh flower deliveries. One the part of the companies, it is important for them to include contact details when it comes to fresh flower deliveries so the clients can have a way to contact them.

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The Benefits of Considering Local Flower Shops Over Online Deliveries and Transactions

There definitely are a number of things that one should be concerned about when opting for things today because a lot of which can now be done online but when it comes to purchasing flowers, it will be needed for people to consider going to a physical store still. In most cases, people may think that online transactions are better in larger cities but just before you will be lured by the ease and comfort of which, you will surely want to reconsider in the end since we will be talking more about the various reasons why you should consider local flower shops.

The very first thing that you will get out of this move is the assurance that the flowers that you will be purchasing are fresh and that they are looking at their best, for you to ensure that you will have delivered the flower at its peak freshness. There also are a number of local flower shops that you can find today and to have them delivered will also be a possibility.

The next thing that we will be naming that is great about considering local flower shops is that you will also be able to help your local economy. It really pays to consider going for local flower shop flowers over online reservations and deliveries because this also ensures that your local area will develop from the taxes.
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See to it that you will have to consider local flower shops at the same time because this will then give you a number of benefits in general since most of these will also be more inclined towards giving their customers a quality level of satisfaction due to it being that they are dependent on the locals as well. So if you are planning and opting to make personalization for the flower that you will be delivering, then you will be better off working with flower shop flowers.
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Yet another reason that you should also know about when choosing a reputable flower shop is that chain flower shops will be able to provide you with cheap and affordable prices but at the same time, cheap quality products and services as well because they are paid low wages in the first place.

Another thing that you should also consider when you are on the hunt to find the best local flower shop flower arrangement is that they should specialize in the type of flower arrangement that you are looking to get in the first place because this should give you a quality level of satisfaction in the end.

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The Marvelous Douglas DC-3: A Plane to Behold

Do you have an interest in planes, particularly those of historical value? Then perhaps you may have heard of the Douglas DC-3 plane. By all accounts, the Douglas Dc-3 is an airliner that is fixed-wing and propeller driven. And accordingly, it is an aircraft that has the main purpose of transporting mainly passengers, as well as cargo. The Douglas dc-3 is an airline that is one of the oldest and still in use today. The Douglas DC-3 remains one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made.

In the 1930’s and 1940’s along with its counterparts the Curtis T-32 and Boeing 247, the Douglas Dc-3 completely revolutionized the air transport scene. However, despite the competition, the Douglas dc-3 prevailed and completely overshadowed both the Curtis and the Boeing. Considered one of the more sleek models of airliners, the Douglas dc-3 is an all metal airliner. And more than 80 years after its initial flight, the Douglas dc-3 is still in service after it was introduced while it’s counterparts were long gone. Up to today, there are still an estimated few hundred Douglas dc-3s’s flying today.

Before the Douglas Dc-3, there was the Douglas dc-2, and the former was a more improved version of the latter. Being a fast aircraft, the Douglas dc-3 has a good range, and is able to operate on runways that only have a short distance. In addition to that, the Douglas dc-3 was an aircraft that is easy to maintain, and also provided great comfort for the passengers it housed. Another fact is that the Douglas dc-3 paved way for a lot of air travel routes. And not only that, it was able to cross the united states, enabling both transcontinental and worldwide flights. Carrying passengers via plane alone and making money through it was previously unheard of, until the Douglas dc-3 did it.

In popular culture, the Douglas dc-3 has also made an appearance. In one of its movie franchises, the popular fictional character James Bond supposedly piloted a Douglas dc-3 airliner. The fictional character/ explorer Indiana Jones also hopped on one. And today, the Douglas dc-3 even stars in a reality TV show.

Despite having its first flight way back in December 17, 1935, the Douglas dc-3 still finds daily use in a wide variety of specialized roles. Third world military forces still utilize the Douglas dc-3 and is also commercially useful for passenger and cargo transportation, particularly in back country and bush areas. Even in rough fields, the Douglas Dc-3 is able to perform, at a relatively inexpensive cost. The Douglas dc-3 plane also requires little maintenance despite these features.

Source: dc-3 plane

Looking On The Bright Side of Ideas

What Are The Fun Things To Do With Friends? If you are looking for a place to do fun things with your friends, then this article is a good read for you. If you and your friends love to go on a vacation, then you can consider that. There are some people who go out of the country to travel with their friends just for fun and vacation. When it comes to planning for the fun things to do with your friends, it is important that you plan ahead. It is not easy to go on vacation because you need to make sure that every detail is planned out well. When planning out for your trip, you need to make sure that you don’t miss out the important details of your trip. If you want to make sure that your trip with your friends would be a memorable and successful one, you need to take note of some tips first. First of all, you need to make sure that you list down everything you need. For example, you need to ensure that you have lock all your doors properly before leaving. One of the important things you need to do is to set reminders for yourself so that you won’t forget the important things. So grab a pen and a notebook and list down the tips that you can learn in this article. When planning for fun things to do with your friends, you need to prepare some valuable things for your trip such as emergency phone numbers, passport, ATM card info and travel tickets. Since the internet is accessible these days anywhere in the world, you need to send this information to your email address. No matter where you are in the globe, you can easily retrieve this kind of information. The other tip you need to consider is to separate your valuables in different places. Some of the important things that you need to separate include your credit cards, cash, travelers checks and bank cards. This is one of the reasons why you must bring with you a luggage and a pocket. In case you get robbed in another place, at least you don’t lost everything at once.
Discovering The Truth About Ideas
You also have to remember that you have to pass through security clearance when you travel, so avoid liquid soap and toothpaste. If you want, you can consider buying sample sized items for your cosmetics. When planning for fun things to do with friends, you need to make sure that all things are placed inside plastic bags. If you place them all in plastic bags, it would be easy for you to see them and would look organize. The other important thing you need to consider is bringing with you a handy umbrella when you travel. Aside from that, you must also not forget to bring an emergency tool like flashlight.Why No One Talks About Events Anymore